Trellis Fence

Trellis Fences

Trellis fences have a wide range of property applications, from enclosing spa/jacuzzi areas and courtyards, to supporting vines or grapes or simply to use as a more decorative method of styling your boundary.

Trellis fence can be integrated into existing fence structures, be used indoors and can be tailored to suit any need or purpose. To find out the cost of installation, scroll below to find your local trellis fence builder and they’ll be more than happy to provide you with a free estimate.

Fence Types

Our solid post and rail fences are a popular boundary defining option for lifestyle blocks, farms, driveways, subdivisions, and golf courses. This versatile fence does not obstruct views as much as other types of fencing designs. Aside from looking great, the major benefits of our post and rail fences are its easy installation process and their ability to work around tough corners and bends.

Picket fences make the perfect decorative wooden boundaries, with their highly distinguishable triangular timber tips. This type of fence is most commonly associated with suburban life and makes a great boundary for a family home. Generally standing between 90 – 125cm, picket fences are perfect for keeping children safe within the backyard without hindering the view.

Paling fences have long been used for their defensive properties, enclosing areas of land to prevent prying eyes and people from easily getting in. Modern day paling fences still provide that extra security and protection; with the added bonus of looking great and blending in well with the natural surroundings.

An acoustic fence is constructed of thicker materials and built without gaps. It is designed to help reduce the impact of external noise sources and is often used in commercial applications. This includes developments such as residential subdivisions, childcare centres, lifestyle villages, aged care residences, retail centres and services stations.



Concrete lasts a long time, which is why we only use the best materials available. Whether you are looking for practical, affordable, or beautifully presented finishes, Truline Group know how to get the job done.


So, you have two different levels in your yard? Need to create a feature in your garden or expand that entertaining area?

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